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PFA Lined Globe Valve
PFA Lined Globe Valve




PFA Lined Globe Valve

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Lined globe valve, the valve body, valve core, valve stem and bonnet are fully lined with PFA, which has very good corrosion resistance. Special media can also be sealed with bellows, which has good sealing effect and long service life! Eliminate the occurrence of external leakage! Can be widely used in chlor-alkali, medicine, smelting, electronics, chemical fiber, silicone, water treatment and other industries,can achieve the circulation, cutting or adjustment of strong corrosive media such as acid, alkali and toxic and harmful media.

Size DN25~200 1 ~8 〞

Pressure PN10、PN16、150LB、300 

Temperatures -29~+200℃ 

Body Material WCB+PFA、CF8+PFA etc. 

Spool Material: PTFE \PFA etc. 

Stem Material WCB+PFA、CF8+PFA etc. 

Seat Material PTFE、PFA etc. 

Lined Material FEP、PFA etc. 

Lined Thickness 4~5mm

Flange: GB, DIN, ASME

Leakage Class: ANSI VI